Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates

So now that we have sent out our Save The Dates, I can post about how Will and I made them our own. We ordered cards from Wedding Paper Divas, a section of ShutterFly. I had used them earlier this year to make a book for my grandma and was really pleased with the print quality. Here is an image of the card we picked out:


Since I am a budget-conscious bride, we opted for the square corners (rounded corners were $0.11 more per card). I did like the look of the rounded corners though, so I rounded all the corners while Will used our new HP Printer to print and cut the little cards we were attaching to the back of the card.


We used a different corner rounder on these cards because they were smaller.Β The cards on the back thanked our friends and family for the support and was used as a place to attach the calendar stickers we had ordered from Printsagram. They are so inexpensive and arrive within 2 days of placing your order. We got the idea from our favourite DIY bride blog, Something Turquoise (where Will won our printer).


We used our printer to put the addresses on the envelopes, and they all came out great! Here was the final product, showing both sides.


Let me know what you think! Did you do anything special to your save the dates to make them more your own? Tell me in the comments below.

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