100 Happy Days: Week 4 (already!)

I can’t believe how quickly these #100HappyDays are flying by! I am already at day 27 (as of yesterday), which means I have officially completed just over a quarter of the challenge.

Each morning I look forward to capturing my picture of the day, and I find it’s getting harder and harder to choose just one moment. For example, Saturday was chock full of amazing photo opportunities including a fun kettlebell class with Will after doing really hard running circuits for the hour before the class (go me!), followed by a fun event that our friend put on called the White Wedding Pop-up Shop, a birthday party for one of my favourite little dudes (which I didn’t get any pictures at because I was taking them with someone else’s camera!), and a dinner at my place with my sister and cousins.

At the end of the night, once the dishes were done, with the soft pop Songza playlist on in the background and my table filled with supplies for our wedding invitations, I couldn’t help but feel so content. I am surrounded by many amazing and inspiring people and I am absolutely in love with the home Will and I have created together. This challenge is really encouraging me to stop and appreciate all the little things each day has to offer, and is a great way to keep track of the week as it goes by so quickly!

Here are my photos from days 21-27 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge:

IMG_20140421_180724IMG_20140422_131214IMG_20140423_063708 IMG_20140424_192219 IMG_20140425_154752 IMG_20140426_205149 IMG_20140427_174448
It was a week filled with celebrations all around. Whether big or small, they were celebrations nonetheless. Cheers to a fabulous week!

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