100 Happy Days: Week 12

Time is the most valuable thing one can spend.

– Theophrastus

This is by far my most favourite quote. These past couple months I have been splitting my time between so many different things, that I feel like the time I have left to spend is not very much at all. From wedding planning, to taking extra courses, to work, and the gym, my days seem to be passing me by so quickly.

To put it all into perspective, here are some of the ways Will and I are measuring our time these days:

19 sleeps | until we get to meet our new puppy and bring him home
two months | left to go until I walk down the isle!
96 hours | till the Canada Day long weekend
3 days | that Charlie (Will’s Dad) will be staying with us in Toronto
A lifetime | to figure out how to fit more hours in a day

With all that in mind, here are the ways I spent my #100HappyDays this week:IMG_20140622_105025

IMG_20140621_212010IMG_20140620_201145 IMG_20140619_193806 IMG_20140618_205501 IMG_20140617_210628 IMG_20140616_143138

All of these photos show the many ways that I am spending my time, and all but one fits into the categories I mentioned earlier. Can you guess which one?

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