100 Happy Days: Week 14

The countdown is officially on! I can’t even begin to express how excited Will and I are about the new little addition to our family, and I am so excited to introduce you to him here on Sweet Green Studios.

This week was wonderful with the 3-day work week, and I am starting to think that this is something that should be a regular occurrence! This was our last full weekend before we become puppy parents, and it was a relaxing one. We spent most of the time outside on the balcony, and I even managed to finish my book!

These photos are from the highlights of our very happy week:

IMG_20140630_193128 IMG_20140701_213602 IMG_20140702_070219 IMG_20140703_210708 IMG_20140704_073629 IMG_20140705_213749 IMG_20140706_141550

There are only 2 days left of the 100 Happy Days Challenge, and I am so proud to be able to go back through these past couple days and reflect on the 100 days of happiness, wedding planning, and fun times with Will. And I can’t wait for the next 100 happy days, and then the next 100, and then another 100…

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  1. sdlifer says:

    I love your blog theme.

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