August 23, 2014 – Mr. & Mrs. Fournier

August 23, 2014 was definitely the best day of my life thus far. It is the day I married the man of my dreams and officially became Mrs. Sarah Fournier. After months of planning, crafting, and dreaming, the day finally came. Here are some of my favourite photos from the day. I wish I could post them all!

wedding-0009 wedding-0004 wedding-0049 wedding-0041 wedding-0027 wedding-0020 wedding-0061 wedding-0064wedding-0084wedding-0088wedding-0089wedding-0092wedding-0103wedding-0109wedding-0152wedding-0149wedding-0143wedding-0123wedding-0110wedding-0162wedding-0166wedding-0170wedding-0175wedding-0185wedding-0213wedding-0217wedding-0222wedding-0258wedding-0266wedding-0272wedding-0277wedding-0288wedding-0307wedding-0329wedding-0333wedding-0350wedding-0369wedding-0375wedding-0383wedding-0384wedding-0388wedding-0397wedding-0409wedding-0418wedding-0420wedding-0421wedding-0423wedding-0425wedding-0427wedding-0433wedding-0438wedding-0439wedding-0446wedding-0447wedding-0456wedding-0458wedding-0462wedding-0465wedding-0471wedding-0474wedding-0475wedding-0480wedding-0485wedding-0499wedding-0512wedding1-0108wedding-0520wedding-0546wedding-0550wedding-0540wedding-0528wedding-0516wedding-0562wedding-0556wedding-0675wedding-0691wedding-0696wedding-0706wedding-0714wedding-0722wedding-0729wedding-0744wedding-0756wedding-0768wedding1-0138wedding1-0141wedding1-0184wedding-0807wedding-0812wedding-0814wedding-0816These photos never cease to excite me and remind me of how amazing this day was. I honestly wouldn’t have changed a thing, and I will forever look at these photos with love and happiness in my heart. Thanks for letting me share them with you here!

For more photos from my wedding, check out my post here. All photos were taken by Julia Park.

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