Wedding Wednesday: 3 things I wish I knew before dress shopping

Since I haven’t had my wedding yet (and because Will actually reads everything I write), this post obviously won’t be very image heavy. Regardless, I thought it was a post worth writing before the wedding, so that the dress shopping experience was still fresh in my mind.

100 Happy Days: Week 12

Time is the most valuable thing one can spend. –¬†Theophrastus This is by far my most favourite quote. These past couple months I have been splitting my time between so many different things, that I feel like the time I have left to spend is not very much at all. From wedding planning, to taking…

Wedding Wednesdays: Choosing a bridal binder

This past week, I went to Chapters looking for some ideas to start my own Bridal Binder. With my Starbucks in hand and a pile of inspirational bridal books, Will and I went to work researching all the things I should have in my binder.